Police officer and staff roles' should be professionalised, our learning accredited externally and people encouraged and motivated to take responsibility for their continuous professional development

ACPO Submission, Independent Review of Police Officers and Staff Renumeration and Conditions, 2011


Training, accreditation and qualification services

Creating Careers – Improving Performance

If you're involved in policing - as an officer on the beat, a potential recruit or employer - you’ll know how important it is to get this vital service absolutely right. But to be successful as a police officer requires the right training and qualifications.

Bluelight was founded to provide nationally recognised qualifications for the police service. From performance improving neighbourhood policing qualifications to the Diploma in Policing and the pre join Policing Knowledge Certificate, Bluelight provides the training and qualifications for police officers to carry out their duties effectively.

Bluelight is an SFJ Awards Approved Centre for the awarding of qualifications - your guarantee of quality.

SFJ Awards is part of the Skills for Justice Group. For the last 10 years Skills for Justice has been working with employers, Governments of the UK and agencies within the skills system, to better equip workforces with the right skills now and for the future.

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Benefits for Employees

  • Excellent foundation for your career progression
  • Significantly improving your career opportunities
  • Could lead to potential pay benefits
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Benefits for Employers

  • Substantial cost savings for employers
  • Minimum demand on your time and finances
  • Flexible delivery to match candidates' needs
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